Doggy Daycare
We care for your dog and cat all day long


If you have long work days, you might worry about your dog getting enough attention and exercise while you’re at the office. Even if you do not regularly have to be gone for extended periods, you might be planning a day trip or special event at home where your dog may become overwhelmed by all the hustle and bustle. Doggy daycare is the perfect solution for these situations, because it provides a dog-friendly atmosphere where playtime never stops and each pup is treated to lots of love and attention from a dedicated staff. Of course, not all doggy daycares offer the same facilities and amenities. Dog Resort is proud to provide an outstanding doggy daycare experience in the San Fernando Valley with huge indoor facilities and a welcoming environment for all dog breeds.


Daycare Half day (up to 4hrs): $27
Daycare Full Day (4+ hours): $37